Five Tips to help you Find your Bridal Makeup Artist

Mumbai: Wedding day is one of the biggest days of a bride’s life. Every girl who is getting married wants to look  her best on the wedding day, and once you’ve decided on your wedding venue, photographer, and, most importantly, your lehenga, it’s time to think about your makeup. A good makeup look is crucial because it improves your overall appearance and makes you look good in photographs.

Today we are bringing you some tips and things you should keep in mind while choosing your wedding 

 {1 } Have A Makeup Look In Mind?

It is better to have a makeup look that you have decided on instead of letting your makeup artist choose one. Begin with a search on Google. Collect, screenshot, and save images of the wedding makeup look that you desire. Take into consideration your features and skin tone.After you’ve found and selected a makeup artist, it’s up to them to bring this picture to life. You can also use Pinterest to find your perfect makeup look. Make sure to choose the makeup look that goes along with your outfit.


{2} Mention About Any Skin Allergies And Issues

If you have skin issues and allergies, make sure to discuss them with your makeup artist. There can be some products that may not use your skin. Make sure to discuss this with your makeup artist. Some artists tend to use a specific line of makeup items. If you don’t like that brand or have skin problems, talking about it ahead of time will help. See if the artist will replace them with something you’re more comfortable with. When shortlisting a wedding makeup artist, this is important as you don’t want your skin to go for a toss. If possible, try to get a product trial before the actual day.

{3} Don’t Forget The Other People

You are not the only one who will need to get their makeup done, right? Do not forget your girl gang. Before booking them, please let them know ahead of time if you have any other family members or friends who need assistance getting ready and what services they need.The makeup artist will prepare ahead of time and keep the necessary items and equipment on hand to fulfill your requirements. Since you are going to be getting services in bulk, there is a probability that you will be given some discounts!

{4} What Should You Do?

Some things will need to be done on your part. Brides should prepare their skin in a particular way, according to some wedding makeup artists. Be sure to ask if they have any preferences on what you should do to help them achieve the ideal wedding look. Some people recommend that you shower and moisturize first or that you have your daily makeup with you. The safest option would be to discuss and inquire properly.

{5} Talk About Cancellations And Delays

So many Indian weddings these days have become synonymous with delays! It isn’t easy to keep things under check and ensure that it runs smoothly. As a result, be honest with the vendors. Keep in contact with them on the day of the events to let them know how things are going. That’s preferable to making them wait half a day at your place, wasting their time and resources!When it comes to cancellations, it could be from your side or the side of the makeup artist. Make sure to talk about this in detail too. What will be the course of action if a cancellation on the part of either party 


And that was it for our list of things you should look out for when choosing a wedding makeup artist. 

Hoping this article will be a helping guide for you! 

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