Digital superstar Faz Baloch launched Faiz and the strong "Faiz by 2407 Flame Dev" on his birthday

 From a very young age, Faiz had a very keen sense for fragrance. Even when he was a kid he never used to step out without fragrance on occasions - be it a wedding, a birthday party, any event at school/college or for the fact even for stepping out. He always was of the opinion that smelling good should be a part of daily life, as it boosts a person's morale and confidence and this is exactly what he wants to offer with 2407 Flame.

Faiz Baloch says, “ Flame has a very refreshing smell that evokes both hot and cool quotients at the same time.The deo is for the people who are young and bold at heart and dare to be different. In simple words it is not just a fragrance but also a combination of love and passion. I am very happy to launch it on my birthday and make my fans happy." 

It was a flamboyantly splendid launch party with glitz, glamour, opulence and loads of love for the birthday boy

Brand 2407 is geared up to expand it's segment. Audiences will have to keep a keen eye as there are many surprises that are lined up for the 07 fam.
The deodorant is available on and in a while it will also be available on the
major marketplaces - Amazon and Flipkart

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