The Western Ghats is an Electronic Rock band based out of Mumbai.

The band started in the year 2019, at the time they were focused on making covers, and one of their cover song "Raabta" became a viral sensation.

The band is rooted in bringing versatility on the plate, in which each release combines aspects of folk music with modern pop, rock, and electronic styles.

After a long stretch of struggle, the band has begun to release their originals, in which "Humne Bhi" took a long time in the process as the band was more focused on its perfection.

The band released their debut single "Humne BHI" in May 2020, an electronic rock track, which was followed by an R&B number called "DIN", after which the band released an experimental track called "Oh Look" which was an English original.

Their first single "Humne Bhi" has over 145k streams on Spotify alone and their second single "DIN" went well over 100k on the Indian music streaming platform “Gaana“.

The Western Ghats have already started creating new and fresh exciting tracks for the upcoming projects and released over four singles which have been very well received by  Indie listeners over the globe. They plan on experimenting on each one of them for keeping their versatility alive.

The Band's eclectic style is like a breath of fresh air, captivating the minds of the new generation of Indian music enthusiasts due to its versatility.

Lastly, The Western Ghats seems to be a fresh new one but let me tell you this once, each member of The Western Ghats has their level of fame and experience in their respective talents.

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