Bhakti Prem, devotional channel of Tips Music releases a new track “Teri Meherbani” by Siddharth Mohan

     Tips has been attracting an audience with its spiritual songs. They have propelled the younger generation to believe that these songs are not meant only for their parents and grandparents, even for them.

Their new release “Teri Meherbani” by Siddharth Mohan is yoga to ears. In a country like India, where spiritual songs are popular but still unknown to the youth, Teri Meherbani will connect them to the culture & spiritual consciousness.

Kumar Taurani says “The song signifies love, faith & devotion. It is an expression of devotion to God. A track that will reach deep within your soul”

Siddharth Mohan says, "Devotional songs are slowly getting popular amongst all age groups. Earlier we would find our grandparents listening to these songs early in the morning, now times have changed. Devotional songs help you relax, meditate and detox. Especially Younger Generation is finding peace in such songs and i feel overwhelmed when parents send me videos of their kids enjoying the bhajans