Jaanvi always believed in the power of creating beauty.

She says that every women is preety but with the right techniques of makeup they can be pretty powerful.. Undoubtedly flawless beauty requires a little mystery each day n that what she gives to her client.Her individualistic approach spell her values.

She is always focused on the complete picture-the most appropriate hairstyle, cosmetics for each person. Each element should be synergistic to create a unique portrait of total beauty & great style.Jaanvi Kaur is a renowned name in global makeup & beauty industry. She has made impression in the society by teaching the right techniques of style n makeup , doing assignment for marriage & fashion shoots.

 She takes pride in the world of makeup & satisfied clientele all over is her testimony to skills & dedication. Her work is her passion that's why she's able to give finest outcome. She has combined knowledge & finesse to concoct a whole panoply of holistic beauty, skin texture, complexion & problem areas. Whirlwind of unique Makeovers , playfully,eccentric,feminine yet understated looks lead the way for innovative & inspiring looks.